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cDecor.com is devoted to covering high-end interior design and decorative arts sources throughout the world.

cDecor.com offers a monthly online Magazine and an exclusive directory; only reputable design sources that the company knows are utilized by the elite among interior designers and architects in the world are included.

A visit to cDecor.com is like window shopping in a neighborhood of world-class shops or in a design center, where the finest furniture, fabrics, lighting and accessories are available.

In the Design Sources directory are thousands of listings of the world's leading sources for antiques from the 16th century to the 20th century, premium fabrics and rugs, whether centuries old or newly made, custom and reproduction furniture of the highest quality, simply tailored to over-the-top curtains, marble, mosaic and wood work, decorative painting, mantels and fireplaces, lighting and dozens of other categories.

The Showrooms directory presents the companies that sell the finest fabrics, furniture and lighting to the trade (interior designers and architects).

If you're planning on decorating all or most of your house and you're interested in high-end decor, peruse cDecor.com's list of international Interior Designers.

cDecor.com is not an e-commerce site. It is focused on providing information and content in the form of a magazine and resource directories.

We hope you enjoy your visit and encourage you to sign up for our monthly newsletter (in the box on the upper left) to be apprised of what's in our latest magazine. Please feel free to contact us with your comments or questions.

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