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Magazine    June 2001

Architectural Illuminations

The heirs of 20th-century architect Sir Edwin Lutyens have begun producing his architectural lighting designs, including sconces, lanterns and drop lights, in partnership with Dernier & Hamlyn. Lutyens is considered to be one of Britain’s last traditionalist architects, and Dernier & Hamlyn, which possesses a royal warrant from the Queen of England, has been making lighting since 1888.

Designed in 1935 for a chapel in Oxford, the Cardinal Hat lights (above) are an example of Lutyens’s wit. They can be made to fit any room size or ceiling height, and the tassels, which come in a variety of colors and finishes, are from Venice. The Cardinal Hat sconces are a partner to the drop lights.

Lutyens engineered more than 300 buildings in England, many of them country houses, but he also worked in New Delhi. Created in 1929 for the garden loggia of the Viceroy’s house there, the S Lantern chandeliers exemplify Lutyens’s penchant for geometry, with an octagonal central cage supported by a circular base and top. He also designed a companion sconce. Another design for the Viceroy’s house is the Witch’s Ball Light Fitting, which originally was finished in a Chinese lacquered red. Of particular interest are the Delhi ‘Bells’ at the top and bottom of the light tubes.

S Sconce

Cardinal Sconce

S Lantern

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