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Magazine    July 2001

American Spirit

Brunschig & Fils' cotton print Forefathers hangs on the wall

Some of the major fabric houses in the United States have, at one time or another, introduced stars and stripes and patriotic fabric designs.

The aptly named American Spirit collection from F. Schumacher's Waverly subsidiary offers a variety of cotton red-and-white or blue-and-white checkered prints, plaids in red and in indigo, and denim herringbone striped fabrics. To complete the stars and stripes theme, Clarence House's richly textured Velours Celeste print features a spray of stars stamped in the softest ivory, burgundy and navy velour.

The Forefathers cotton print from Brunschwig & Fils takes a page from American history by depicting each one of the founders of the nation, and a custom rug (Infinite Star) designed by the master of American iconography, Raymond Loewy, is patriotism redux—simple and stylized.

Edward Fields's Infinite Star rug, left, and Waverly's
Ludwell Ticking fabric from its American Spirit collection
Clarence House's Velours Celeste, left, and Waverly's
Nicolson fabric from its American Spirit collection

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